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T-test & fold change (FC) analysis

Select a data as control and another data to be used for comparison by clicking the corresponding radio buttons from the list of samples.
Then specify the p-value and fold change from the pull-down menu, and click submit. Please wait for a few seconds for the results.
p-value FC  (log2scale)
Sub dataset Sample ID Control Test
DevelopmentRoot Cap
Division zone
Elongation zone
Maturation zone_I
Maturation zone_II
Maturation zone_III
Maturation zone_IV
Maturation zone_V
Sub dataset Sample ID Control Test
Tissue-typeEpi.Exo.Scl._Elongation and Maturation zone_I
Cortex_Elongation and Maturation zone_I
End.Per.Ste._Elongation and Maturation zone_I
Epi.Exo.Scl._Maturation zone_V
End.Per.Ste._Maturation zone_V

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