Root gene expression profile covering various developmental stages and tissue-types

An overview of the expression profile of all genes in different developmental stages along the longitudinal axis and distinct tissue types along the radial axis of a rice crown root. Using laser microdissection, the crown root of 10 day old seedlings was separated into 8 sections with different developmental stages from the root tip to the basal zone for ‘development sub-dataset’ and 3 distinct radial tissue types at 2 different developmental stages for ‘tissue-type sub-dataset’ (Details of methods). The RNAs isolated from a total of 13 samples (Sample list) in 3 replicates were labeled with Cy3, and used for hybridization using the Agilent one-color microarray analysis system. The expression profile for each gene is shown as raw signal intensity, normalized signal intensity (log2) and relative expression value (log2).

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