Leaf gene expression profile throughout entire growth in the field (12:00)

Gene expression profile of rice plants grown under natural field conditions based on microarray analysis of leaf samples at various growth stages encompassing the vegetative, reproductive and ripening stages (Growth condition). Samples corresponding to the uppermost fully-expanded leaves were collected every 12:00 PM at weekly interval s during the 2008 cultivation season from 13 to 125 days after transplanting. From 83 DAT onwards, the leaf samples correspond to the flag leaf. A total of 51 samples (Sample list) in three replicates were used for hybridization using the Agilent one-color (Cy3) microarray-based gene analysis system. The expression profile for each gene is shown as raw data representing Cy3 signal intensity and normalized data (log2). Search options include keyword search for individual RAP locus ID and accession number, or chromosome search to get a list of all genes for each chromosome.

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