GEO series accession numbers:
GSE21396, GSE21397, GSE36040, GSE36042, GSE36043, GSE36044, GSE39423, GSE39424, GSE39425, GSE39426, GSE39427, GSE39429 and GSE39432.

Sato Y, Takehisa H, Kamatsuki K, Minami H, Namiki N, Ikawa H, Ohyanagi H, Sugimoto K, Antonio B, Nagamura Y
(2013) RiceXPro Version 3.0: expanding the informatics resource for rice transcriptome
Nucleic Acids Research 41:D1206-D1213
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Sato Y, Antonio B, Namiki N, Takehisa H, Minami H, Kamatsuki K, Sugimoto K, Shimizu Y, Hirochika H, Nagamura Y
(2011) RiceXPro: a platform for monitoring gene expression in japonica rice grown under natural field conditions.
Nucleic Acids Research 39:D1141-1148.
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RXP_0001 and RXP_0003
Sato Y, Antonio BA, Namiki N, Motoyama R, Sugimoto K, Takehisa H, Minami H, Kamatsuki K, Kusaba M, Hirochika H, Nagamura Y (2011) Field transcriptome revealed critical developmental and physiological transitions involved in the expression of growth potential in japonica rice. BMC Plant Biology 11:10.
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Takehisa H, Sato Y, Igarashi M, Abiko T, Antonio BA, Kamatsuki K, Minami H, Namiki N, Inukai Y, Nakazono M, Nagamura Y.(2012) Genome-wide transcriptome dissection of the rice root system: implications for developmental and physiological functions. Plant J. 69(1):126-140.
Takehisa H, Sato Y, Antonio B, Nagamura Y (2013) Global transcriptome profile of rice root in response to essential macronutrient deficiency. Plant Signaling & Behavior 8(6):e24409
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Sato Y, Namiki N, Takehisa H, Kamatsuki K, Minami H, Ikawa H, Ohyanagi H, Sugimoto K, Itoh J, Antonio B, Nagamura Y
(2013) RiceFREND: a platform for retrieving coexpressed gene networks in rice
Nucleic Acids Research 41:D1214-D1221
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Nagamura Y, Antonio B, Sato Y, Miyao A, Namiki N, Yonemaru J-I, Minami H, Kamatsuki K, Shimura K, Shimizu Y, Hirochika H (2011) Rice TOGO Browser: a platform to retrieve integrated information on rice functional and applied genomics. Plant and Cell Physiology 52(2):230-237.
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