The ExProFlip function allows the user to effectively survey a number of expression profiles across different dataset(s) and/or gene(s) by flipping view of graph. Preferred dataset(s) can be selected and ExProFlip is initiated from the search options such as keyword search and chromosome/region search.

Field / Development

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RXP_0001 Spatio-temporal profile
RXP_0002 Leaf_diurnal
RXP_0003 Leaf_daytime
RXP_0004 Leaf_nighttime
RXP_0005 Leaf_sunrise
RXP_0006 Leaf_sunset
RXP_0007 Root_daytime
RXP_0008 Root_nighttime
RXP_0009 Root_diurnal
RXP_0010 Reproductive organs
RXP_0011 Grain_early stage
RXP_0012 Grain ripening

Plant Hormone

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RXP_1000 Hormones
RXP_1001 Abscisic acid_root
RXP_1006 Abscisic acid_shoot
RXP_1002 Gibberellin_root
RXP_1007 Gibberellin_shoot
RXP_1003 Auxin_root
RXP_1008 Auxin_shoot
RXP_1004 Brassinosteroid_root
RXP_1009 Brassinosteroid_shoot
RXP_1005 Cytokinin_root
RXP_1010 Cytokinin_shoot
RXP_1011 Jasmonic acid_root
RXP_1012 Jasmonic acid_shoot

Responses to
pathogen inoculation

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RXP_3001 RXP_3001
RXP_3002 RXP_3002
RXP_3003 RXP_3003

Cell- and Tissue-Type
(Laser Microdissection)

RXP_4001 LM_Root development
RXP_4002 LM_Embryogenesis


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RXP_5002 Nutrients root
Chromosome / Region search
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